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September 2015

Recently Added to Reading List

Zombie Emperor Japanese novel, zombie!

Nidome no Yuusha wa Fukushuu no Michi wo Warai Ayumu / Path of vengeance while laughing~
Daily Translations and slimelv1 is doing a collaboration

Heavenly Star it’s being translated by EST in Wuxiaworld Forum

Jiu Shen Xianxia, liquors

Sheng Wang Xianxia

In a different world with a Smartphone Japanese novel, Transported

Goddess’s Request 女神様の願いごと (NSFW) hehehe~~

Like Hell I’m Gonna Get Captured! 攻略なんぞされてたまるか! Japanese novel, Transported, Shoujo

Summoning at random Sequel to Evil god average!!! Yeah~

Chongsheng Zhi Zei Hang Tianxia Chinese novel, gaming, time travel

My Weapon is a Loli


Art Challenge: Passion

I finally finished this week’s #‎TropackzArtChallenge‬ !! Yay~

The theme is Passion.

I initially wanted it about dance, movement and energy, that kind of stuff.. though I doubt if I actually achieved that.. (~ -_-)~

Still, I’m glad about this challenge because in the middle of doing it, I realized that I don’t have to be systematic like putting the base colors, then shadows then highlights. I can paint it in one go! I just need to think the movement and the light when I paint. Also, the very stroke of my brush can set the texture~ with this, I can save paint! though each work will consume more time~

Here it is~

Dance with Passion
Dance with Passion

Recently Added to Reading List

Le Festin de Vampire [1-27] japanese light nove, Reincarnation to another gender~~

Record of Mortal Cultivating to Immortal another Xianxia~~

Unparalleled Heavenly Lord Xianxia, revenge! I always love revenge ehehehe~~

Eternal Life another Xianxia~~

And here are the Chinese Romance Novels~ they refresh me~~ hehe

I Don’t Like The World, I Only Like You

A Naive Short-tempered Girl

The Lone Star In My Constellation

Recently Added to Reading List

何为贤妻 (To Be A Virtuous Wife) it’s a chinese time-travel romance novel~

修真世界 (Xiu Zhen Shi Jie) World of Cultivation Xianxia, this one looks interesting~

Sword Saint’s Disciple Japanese reincarnation novel… i like reincarnations~ ok?

Universal Sword God  Xianxia novel~

Haaa… my list is getting too big >.<, how am I gonna ever read all of them?! Need more time!

Anyway~  Happy Reading!

Art Challenge~ New Link for Dragon Life~


Theme: Wish


A bit cliche~ but oh well… 😀

and also Dragon Life is being continued here~ (READ IT!!) hahaha~

Art~ Watercolor~


My bestfriend and I started an Art Challenge and for this week’s topic is seashore~~

so here is what I did, in watercolor, color pencil and colored pen~ hehe ~(^w^)~


Recently Added to Reading List

Newly found novels~~ yay!

The Saint’s Recovery Magic is a Degraded Version of Mine

Path of vengeance while laughing

The Six Immortals

Recently Added to Reading List

Another treasures found! Yay~  \(*v*)/

My cute and yandere girlfriend Yay~ a yandere novel~~ hehehe

God Rank Hero (神级英雄) its a gaming novel~ looks promising!

Godly Hunter another gaming novel! and check it’s Chinese Novels, it’s a treasure trove~~

Snow Eagle Lord / Lord Xue Ying [here], [here], and [here], it’s still chapter 5 though, i might wait it out~

Happy Reading!

Recently Added to Reading List

My reading list is getting larger~ (>.<) haha oh well~ it’s better than having nothing to read!

Heavenly Jewel Change (Tian Zhu Bian / 天珠变 ) by Tang Jia San Shao  same author of Duoluo Dalu! Yay!

Shrouded – 遮天 – Zhe Tian

Ceruleonice translations which translates Martial Emperor Reborn and Totem. They are both Xianxia novels~

Dominion’s End it’s got a dystopian feel~

Reincarnated as a dragon’s egg~ Lets aim to be the strongest~ is a JP novel where the MC starts as a dragon egg~

微微一笑很倾城 (Just One Smile Is Very Alluring) is a romance novel by Gu Man. It’s funny and heartwarming! basically, it’s too good!

Happy Reading!

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