My reading list is getting larger~ (>.<) haha oh well~ it’s better than having nothing to read!

Heavenly Jewel Change (Tian Zhu Bian / 天珠变 ) by Tang Jia San Shao  same author of Duoluo Dalu! Yay!

Shrouded – 遮天 – Zhe Tian

Ceruleonice translations which translates Martial Emperor Reborn and Totem. They are both Xianxia novels~

Dominion’s End it’s got a dystopian feel~

Reincarnated as a dragon’s egg~ Lets aim to be the strongest~ is a JP novel where the MC starts as a dragon egg~

微微一笑很倾城 (Just One Smile Is Very Alluring) is a romance novel by Gu Man. It’s funny and heartwarming! basically, it’s too good!

Happy Reading!